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By: SuitbertW 
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Perhaps a world premier.....

Date: Apr 16, 2007,14:38 PM -  (view entire thread)

....but I'm not sure smile

The Cabestan working prototype, realised by Vianney Halter......

At the time I took the pictures, it wasn't working anymore , as it was dropped by somebody (no, not me ;-) ) - but all vital parts are  in there.

It's a fascinating piece of old style mechanics - to me it reminded me of a 19th century, industrial revolution, small "factory" for the wrist - some sort of mechanical  micro cosmos. 
One is almost looking for a small steam engine in there smile

What I was told, the Cabestan project will most likely not end up in the  "Vianney Halter" range of watches !

It's a really fascinnating piece, and not as large as it may seem (I know, that's an often heard comment even for some real "monsters" )  I guess it's the architecture, with the large transparent "hoods" here which makes it well suitable even considering the size.

Best regards

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