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By: SuitbertW 
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Vianney Halter's Antiqua in rose gold......

Date: Nov 04, 2007,13:05 PM -  (view entire thread)

Hi, all,

here's a bit more from the recent AHCI gathering in Dresden.
I've to admit I neede some time to get "warm" with this watch, mainly due to the fact I saw it on pictures only for quite some time.
When I saw it the first time in the metall - my first impression was, ohhhhhh, it's that small..... smile

I always thought, judging by pictures, this is a large watch - absolutely  wrong. It's absolutely perfectly sized and proportioned IMO. The  height is just enough to not loose something of this wonderfull "steam engine" charm - I'd even call this one a "flat" watch, there's nothing bulky about it at all.  I tried to capture a little bit of the beauty of this piece, without letting it appear to hefty.....I hope it was at least a bit successfull smile Hope you enjoy!

  All pictures clickable for larger view

Best regards


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