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By: Bill 
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URWERK UR 210 Watch Review Live pictures

Date: Oct 06, 2012,08:49 AM -  (view entire thread)

I have the pleasure of sharing a few picture live of the technical marvel. I must apologize for the pictures as it was an impromptu opportunity that I had to seize.

It was a pleasure to see this watch in action.  As you run down the minutes to the top of the hours you have a magnificent rotation and jump change the hour and setting the minutes to zero in one smooth action.  Very nice indeed.

What is very striking is how you can see two world collide.  You can feel the artistry and the engineering pushing each other to create a harmonious result.  I can't speak directly to this matter but just looking at the spring which you will see in the pictures below you wonder how and where are they going to fit the vertical spring.

You can read Don's report for more details.


Looking at the watch you will see what appears to be to reserve meters.  The one on the right is a traditional power reserve.  The one on the left is the energy feed back meter which is measure every two hours.  This basically give the owner feed back on the type of energy he is creating to wind the watch.  So for some people that are more or less active they have a fed back loop.  But it is not just a gimmick.  You can actually adjust the watch to best capture your energy.  Looking at the picture below you see three setting - Stop - Reduce - Full.  They way it works is that is you are not producing enough energy you can change the setting to full by turning the flat screw/knob.  This will cause you to capture more energy i.e. every slight movement will count.  On the other hand if you are producing too much energy they you set it to reduce so you capture less energy.  Finally if you desire you can set it to Stop which allows you to use the watch in a manual wind mode.  And with no date you are golden as you can just set the time and go.

A couple of wrist shots also. I must say, I have a slender wrist but the watch sat very well on my wrist. There is something about the case configuration that makes very comfortable to wear. There will only be 35 of these beauties.

Now for a few pictures of some of the components.

The lighting conditions were a challenge but I can confirm it is a pleasure to have on the wrist.


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